from Autosport 7 July 1994

How did you approach the test?

I was curious to see if I could find the interest with this new machine. I think the car is very nice to drive, and also the things you have to work in the car are really very interesting, because there are a lot of electronics involved – a lot of things which recall what I did in the last three years in F1. I felt very familiar with the computers they had there, and I enjoyed it.

How did you find the car?

I drove a touring car many years ago, and I have to say that these kind of cars are different from what I remember. You drive these more like a formula car. The front end of the car is very precise, and with everything you do, the car responds to the adjustments. Usually with a touring car of some years ago, you could change many things, but the car was always going in the same way. These cars react very well to all the adjustments you do. It’s fun to work with. The time was not very important for me; it was important to know the people, the car, the programme. It was just a curiosity for me to see if I could find an interest in this kind of series and this kind of car. I got a positive answer!

Will you race next season, or perhaps even later this year?

I don’t know. I didn’t discuss yet about these things. Now we did this test, I saw that maybe it is possible for me to enjoy and do these kind of races. So from my point of view, maybe there is a possibility to drive when Mercedes can give me a car. We didn’t come to a conclusion about this – there is no hurry for anything. Maybe I drive this year, maybe I drive next.

Do you have any possibility to drive for Alfa, with your old connections?

Mercedes came to me and asked me to meet them and they invited me to go to a race. Let’s say they were the first. If they want me to drive for them, I’m very pleased. I’ll give priority to them because they were the first.

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