Date Race Circuit Qual. Race  
01-Mar South Africa Kyalami 4 2  
22-Mar Mexico Autódromo Rodríguez 2 2  
05-Apr Brazil Interlagos 2 2  
03-May Spain Catalunya 4 Rtd Accident
17-May San Marino Imola 2 2  
31-May Monaco Monte Carlo 2 3  
14-Jun Canada Montréal 2 Rtd Gearbox
05-Jul France Magny-Cours 2 2  
12-Jul Britain Silverstone 2 2  
26-Jul Germany Hockenheim 2 8 - Rtd Accident
16-Aug Hungary Hungaroring 1 Rtd Engine
30-Aug Belgium Spa 4 3  
13-Sep Italy Monza 4 5  
27-Sep Portugal Estoril 2 Rtd Accident
25-Oct Japan Suzuka 2 1  
08-Nov Australia Adelaide 3 Rtd Fuel pressure


Williams FW14B - Renault


Williams-Renault (1st) 164pts

Riccardo Patrese (2nd) 56pts

"Second place in the Drivers’ World Championship gave Riccardo Patrese his statistically most successful season ever, but there is no doubt that 1992 was a disappointment for the pleasant Italian, who was forced to operate in Nigel Mansell’s shadow throughout. Judged purely on his form the previous season, it seemed as though Patrese would give his team-mate a reasonable run for his money this year, but Mansell outclassed him from the word go and Riccardo, frustrated by restricted access to the spare car and a playing field which often seemed tilted in the Englishman’s favour, had mentally conceded the title was out of reach by the time Nigel had won the first four races.

While nobody really doubted Mansell was quicker, the margin he exerted over Patrese surprised many people. Perhaps Riccardo’s fluid, classical driving style was not calculated to get the best out of the Williams FW14B, or perhaps he was psychologically wrong-footed by Mansell’s instant speed at the start of the season. Either way, one got the impression that Riccardo wasn’t feeling as comfortable as usual in the Williams environment this year, and while he started the season with three straight second places behind his team-mate he radiated a perceptible air of frustration. He was also very irked to be effectively warned off making a race of it at Magny-Cours on one of the rare days when he looked likely to pose Mansell a strong challenge, and driving errors at both Hockenheim and the Hungaroring seemed rather out of character for a man who had come to be prized for his general consistency.

He took the decision to cut and run before the end of the season, putting his signature on a Benetton contract for ’93 at a time when he believed there was no future for him at Williams. Mansell tried to hand him a win at Monza only for mechanical problems to strike at both cars, but the long overdue consolation prize eventually came his way at Suzuka.

For all his troubles in ’92, Patrese remained one of the most consistently likeable personalities on the Grand Prix scene."

The Top 10 in full:

1. Nigel Mansell 2. Ayrton Senna 3. Michael Schumacher 4. Gerhard Berger 5. Riccardo Patrese

6. Jean Alesi 7. Martin Brundle 8. Mika Hakkinen 9. Johnny Herbert 10. Michele Alboreto

race reports & Articles

Riccardo's Race Comments


“I am very happy to have taken this third place after a lot of hard work. I did not have the start I wanted and then had a very busy afternoon. I was very surprised to see Ayrton alongside me at the start. I didn’t want to have any trouble with Nigel and then I tried to chase after Ayrton a bit. The car became a little bit difficult to drive after that and so I forgot about Ayrton and used my experience to stay in front of Michael Schumacher.“


“I lost sixth, then fifth and then fourth. The car was handling well and I was using the tyres in a good way so I was hoping to make a charge after Berger at the end of the race. When Nigel went off early in the race, he came across in front of me and I just did not know where he was landing, so, unfortunately, I had to lift and that was when Berger went by.“


“The first part of the race was very interesting – there was a big battle between myself and Nigel. But congratulations to Nigel – at the moment he is clearly very strong and going very quick. The conditions on the track, after the second start, were very difficult, especially when it started raining and we had slicks on, it is the usual situation when the weather is like this, wet, dry, wet, dry, so you need to be very careful, which is what I did during the second race when I was on wet tyres.“


“I am stiff. It was a hard race for me, I think the hardest of the season. Anyway I am really very pleased for Nigel, for myself and, of course, for the team of Williams and Renault, another one-two. I think we did another fantastic job and let’s hope we go on like that as it is marvellous. I started well, but then anyway Nigel was in another league today, and when he got me after the first corner I just forgot about him, so congratulations to him. I started with the idea not to change tyres, and when Nigel made his stop I got the information from the pits that they looked fine and, in fact, the tyres had no problem to go through the race. Okay it is another second place, but this one I like as after a career of 16 years I have never had a point in Silverstone, so now I finish this bad luck. Also in the last four years I had four big accidents, if we count the one yesterday, so I was really prepared to have a nice and safe afternoon.“


“This is not the result I wanted. I tried to attack Senna on the last corner and go through a hole, but he closed the door and I braked on the dirt. I went off and did a 360 but it was impossible to get back on the track. Senna was not unfair at all, but he just defended his position.“


“The engine started to go off after about 20 laps and I had a feeling then that I wasn’t going to finish the race. As to going off, I think there was some dirt on the circuit and there was nothing I could do.“


“I am very pleased for the team that we have now secured the constructors’ championship. It was in the air and now we have achieved it. As for my race, there was a misunderstanding as I had a call from the pits to stay out as Nigel was going to change tyres so I changed tyres two laps later than Nigel, I think. But it was very confusing! I had a call, but I could not understand what they were saying. But I did realise Nigel was going in to the pits. Then on the last two laps I had an exhaust problem, just like Nigel. I drove my best in this race and my car worked well until then.“


“There is really nothing for me to say. It was a technical problem.“


“I was fighting with Berger and he just braked to come into the pits and gave no signal at all. The car went straight up into the air, air got under it and I saw the sky. I really could have hurt myself very badly.“

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