Date Race Circuit Qual. Race  
11-Mar USA Phoenix 12 9  
25-Mar Brazil Interlagos 4 13 - Rtd Oil leak
13-May San Marino Imola 3 1  
27-May Monaco Monte Carlo 4 Rtd Engine
10-Jun Canada Montréal 9 Rtd Brakes
24-Jun Mexico Autódromo Rodríguez 2 9  
08-Jul France Paul Ricard 6 6  
15-Jul Britain Silverstone 7 Rtd Accident
29-Jul Germany Hockenheim 5 5  
12-Aug Hungary Hungaroring 2 4  
26-Aug Belgium Spa 7 Rtd Gearbox
09-Sep Italy Monza 7 5  
23-Sep Portugal Estoril 5 7  
30-Sep Spain Jerez 6 5  
21-Oct Japan Suzuka 7 4  
04-Nov Australia Adelaide 6 6 


Williams FW13B - Renault


Williams-Renault (4th) 57pts

Riccardo Patrese (7th) 23pts

"In his third season with the Williams team, Patrese scored an emotionally gratifying victory in the San Marino Grand Prix which bolstered his morale to the point that he began to talk in thinly veiled terms about the possibility of being in contention for the championship title. As things turned out, the Williams FW13B did not have the necessary staying power for this front-running job, nor Riccardo the absolute speed to compete consistently with Senna or Prost. Nevertheless, the relaxed and mature Italian driver remained an ever-present factor in the points-winning equation, a popular and willingly compliant member of the Didcot team. Ever-obliging, he would uncomplainingly make himself available at the drop of a hat to shoulder the burden of as much testing work as was put his way. A straightforward and uncomplicated bloke who likes driving racing cars and counts himself happy to be paid handsomely for that privilege. Riccardo consolidated his image as a mature, seasoned campaigner throughout 1990. Spirited and without side, Patrese served as a frequent reminder to everybody in the Grand Prix paddocks that life in top-line motor racing would be considerably less tense and complicated if others sought to emulate his example."

 The Top 10 in full:

1. Alain Prost 2. Ayrton Senna 3. Nelson Piquet 4. Nigel Mansell 5. Alessandro Nannini

6. Thierry Boutsen 7. Riccardo Patrese 8. Gerhard Berger 9. Jean Alesi 10. Aguri Suzuki

race reports & Articles

Riccardo's Race Comments


“At the very beginning of the race Grouillard went from right to left in front of me. He didn’t seem to think I was there and just went for a hole. I lost some of the front bodywork and had to come in for repairs. I then chased the others and I think I could have caught Nakajima if it was not for my problem.“


“If I couldn’t win at least fourth place was better than nothing. I didn’t see any light or anything to tell me I had a problem just the smoke at the back of the car. Up to then the engine was working well and I thought I could keep Nigel behind me. My main problem was understeer in the first part of the race and then second and third gears were difficult. I tried to go by Senna when he came back on the track after getting his new tyres, but I got on the dirty part of the track and the car went sideways. I am disappointed as we need these points.“


“Because I didn’t have a fantastic start I decided to save my car for the end of the race and it was the right choice. With 20 laps to go I started to push very hard and the car was perfect and I was able to catch and overtake Gerhard without any problems. I did drop back from him at one point because I got close to him, but coming out to the Rivazza corner my car went a bit sideways and I got some dirt on my tyres, so for a couple of laps I had to clean my tyres. The car performed perfectly, and especially the brakes which were the main concern. Obviously I am very happy.“


“The car didn’t feel good with no downforce at the back. When I retired the undertray was completely to pieces. Nannini ran into the back of me on the lap I came in for tyres, but it was a pure mistake.“


“The car worked well, we finished fifth and I think, this is what we deserved. We must now work harder to get back to the top. All I can say is I am sure in Hungary we will be more competitive than here.“


“My front tyres were completely gone so I had to come in. I was behind Thierry and everyone was catching me. I could have come in straight away, but decided to stay out for three or four more laps to give him a chance to get away. My only problem was a long brake pedal and when I tried to go for Piquet at the finish this stopped me catching him.“


“The car wasn’t bad, but when I was on a quick downhill section I found I was in sixth. I tried to get fifth gear, but it wasn’t possible any more. It was then difficult to change gear forwards but better back down the ‘box. Suddenly on the last lap the ‘box went solid. I was lucky to find any gear at all, but found third and came back to the pits.“


“The second time I got a good start and didn’t miss the first chicane on my first lap! The car and engine felt good, but the tyres were sliding after about ten laps. When I slowed down the grip returned, but when I speeded up it went again. The only other problem was when I slowed down at the end of the race the brake pedal went long.“


“It was my mistake. It was exactly the same spot where Mansell had his problem last year, and on top of that I was following Piquet. Apart from that I had understeer and oversteer. I don’t think the car was brilliant, but the driver was worse!“


“I had quite a good start, I went to go through on the left as Alesi went on the right, and suddenly he came back on the left. I don’t know if somebody pushed him. Anyway he pushed me over the kerbs and I took off. When I came down I checked the car for a couple of laps and I could see my front left skirt was broken for about four inches. When I was braking the car didn’t feel right and I had a problem in the front of the car – it could have been something bent in the front suspension. The car started to understeer and I had to drive it with that for the whole race. I only planned to make one pit stop, but because of that I had to make two as I was ruining the left front tyres. That’s it, I think I drove the best I could with the car.“


“I was going very well in the beginning of the race, but then Morbidelli blew up his engine in front of me. He locked up and went sideways and I had to go sideways and spin to avoid him, which I did just! Then everything was okay until about 20 laps from the end when the brakes started to run cold and it was difficult to stop. I then had to slow down a bit, but up to then I definitely used the car one hundred per cent, and it was going very well.“

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