Date Race Circuit Qual. Race  
26-Mar Brazil Rio de Janeiro 2 Rtd Engine
23-Apr San Marino Imola 4 Rtd Engine
07-May Monaco Monte Carlo 7 15  
28-May Mexico Autódromo Rodríguez 5 2  
04-Jun USA Phoenix 14 2  
18-Jun Canada Montréal 3 2  
09-Jul France Paul Ricard 8 3  
16-Jul Britain Silverstone 5 Rtd Accident
30-Jul Germany Hockenheim 5 4  
13-Aug Hungary Hungaroring 1 Rtd Radiator
27-Aug Belgium Spa 5 Rtd Accident
10-Sep Italy Monza 5 4  
24-Sep Portugal Estoril 6 Rtd Radiator
01-Oct Spain Jerez 6 5  
22-Oct Japan Suzuka 5 2  
05-Nov Australia Adelaide 6 3 


Williams FW12C - Renault

Williams FW13 - Renault


Williams-Renault (2nd) 77pts

Riccardo Patrese (3rd) 40pts

"It’s a measure of Riccardo’s new-found status within the F1 community that he was the number one alternative on Ferrari’s list for 1990 in the event of Alain Prost declining Maranello’s invitation in favour of a Williams-Renault drive. Yet nobody was happier than Riccardo when Alain opted for Ferrrari. The man Derek Warwick described as “the best and fastest team-mate I was ever paired with” felt more at home with Williams than at almost any other time in his 12-year Grand Prix career to date. Coming out from behind Nigel Mansell’s shadow, Patrese looked consistently more convincing than his highly-priced team-mate Thierry Boutsen on almost every outing. Hand-in-hand with this rise to maturity, Patrese at last shrugged aside a reputation for the kind of unthinking actions which had got him into so much hot water in the past. Also, when assessing this newly relaxed Italian’s performances, one should bear in mind that he looked on course for two victories this season, only to be thwarted in the closing stages. He worked well with the Williams team in general, and Patrick Head in particular, and demonstrated an almost insatiable willingness to test. After more than a decade, F1’s one-time enfant terrible was at peace with himself. And it certainly showed."

 The Top 10 in full:

1. Nigel Mansell 2. Ayrton Senna 3. Alain Prost 4. Riccardo Patrese 5. Gerhard Berger

6. Thierry Boutsen 7. Alessandro Nannini 8. Alex Caffi 9. Derek Warwick 10. Pierluigi Martini

race reports & Articles

Riccardo's Race Comments


“We proved that we can be competitive. Unfortunately we had this problem – a camshaft pulley failed – at the end. I tried very hard to get a win for this new record of Grands Prix, but it was not to be. We played the tactic of one stop for tyres, and after the race I think it was not the best tactic because for the last five laps on the first set I was very slow and lost a lot of time. After I changed the second time I was really flying and catching everybody very quickly.“


“I was fighting with Mansell and I was about the same speed as him and then the thing was dead. No sign that the engine was going to break, but then the oil light came on and 300 metres later the engine blew.“


“My problems started on the grid when the car was difficult to start due to low fuel pressure. I got away but had to start from the back of the grid, then pitted at the end of lap 13 and had to spend several laps there while the rear wing was changed. Out of the chicane I had a lot of wheelspin and then I thought I had a problem with my right rear suspension. I think my drink bottle broke as suddenly I had a very wet, cold behind – it was quite pleasant.“


“I am very happy indeed. This result is good for me, but even better for the Canon Williams team and Renault who have worked so hard. The car was perfect all through the race. I chose the very hard compound tyre because I didn’t think we could manage to make the race on the soft one. The grip was not fantastic from the tyres, but they were very consistent all through the race and I am very happy to finish second. I think now we are in good shape to be reliable all the time.“


“In the warm-up this morning the car was not handling at all and we just guessed another set-up for the race and finally Patrick Head and myself got it right because in the race the car was not so bad to drive. Thanks also to the power of the Renault engine we could go through the field and catch places until I came to second, and then I had Eddie who was pushing from behind and I had to concentrate not to make any mistake because he was so close. He was much quicker than me braking for the corners, but thanks to better acceleration and speed I could keep him behind. With five laps to go he backed off and it was a great relief for me. I think this is a very good result for Williams, Renault and for myself and I think we have found the reliability. Anyway I am very happy.“


“I am pleased with the result as it is now three times in a row I have finished second and for me it is very good. I had a problem with my car with about 20 laps to go, the back end of the car felt bad and I had no traction. After the race I saw the reason as two bolts from the undertray became loose and because of that I lost a lot of time. I had Thierry behind, I resisted for a couple of laps and then he went away. For me it was really a big problem then to finish the race with the way the car felt.“


“After a not very good weekend for me with the set-up of the car, I think third for me is very good. I think today was a bit lucky for me. The car went well, with just a little trouble with the rear tyres going off, and I went off because I lost the car but didn’t hit anything. I found the car was oversteering a little bit too much and this was causing the trouble with the rear tyres. Anyway I am really happy with this result.”


“I started to turn into the corner and the car just went. The car spun and I went backwards super quick. It was a big one. I had a bang on the back of my helmet and I hurt my wrist a little bit. It happened so quickly I cannot be positive what happened. Up to then the car was going fine and the balance was coming better.“


“I think to get three points is very good as we do have a lot of opposition from the other teams. The engine felt good during the whole race, but the gearbox was a little stiff, especially on the last lap. I also had a slight vibration on the second set of tyres. I am just hoping to be back on the podium in Hungary.“


“I can hardly believe what has happened after all this effort. The tyres were okay and I was holding Senna behind then the water temperature started to increase and this happened. I could feel I was losing power and then the engine just went. When the mechanics inspected the car they found that the cause was because something sharp went through the radiator and, like at Silverstone, it lost the water.“


“I was following Thierry when we came up behind Alboreto. It was a slow part of the track and he moved over to let Thierry through. I thought if he saw Thierry coming then be probably saw me as well, so went to follow through. He just moved over to the right and we both went off together into the tyre barrier. It was his fault, but he said he was sorry so what can I say. I must remember the conditions we were running in, although where it happened was quite slow so there was not a lot of spray. The right side of the car was damaged, but I don’t know how badly. I am obviously upset as the car was going well and I was driving to avoid accidents in the bad conditions.“


“I had a problem on the warm-up lap with the car pulling to the right. I changed the tyres but this didn’t seem to help. Although this gave me a problem it was only in the last five or six laps that it was really bad when the left rear went off. My biggest problem was that I nearly hit Mansell when he had a problem in the second Lesmo. It was not his fault as it seemed that he just went into neutral, but it was exciting as I was doing about 240kmh and it could have been a very big one. Luckily I missed him! I realised that if I had then gone after Thierry it would have been dangerous for the team as it would have been a big fight and anyway we had seven safe points, which was the most important. All in all I was happy with the race.“


“At the end the car was going very well and the lap times were very competitive. The car has a different driving position to the FW12C and my neck feels sore from the high G forces because the car was cornering very quickly. Then the temperatures just went very high and I stopped on the side of the track.“


“I made a mistake with the second tyre stop as I should have come in earlier. There was no way I could have stayed out any longer and made it to the end and obviously I would have loved to have overtaken Alesi, but I just couldn’t make it. The car felt fine on the first set of tyres, but not on the second, because I was having a lot of understeer.“


“I think I have got the ticket for second place. But I am happy with this position as we have both finished on the podium. We still have a car that is not super nice to drive, but the reliability came back on the new car and I think it is a good day for the future. We still have to work quite a lot and during the winter I hope we can close the gap with the leaders.“


“First of all, I planned my race, because I wanted to finish third in the Championship. I was only two points behind Nigel Mansell, so everything I was doing in the race was just to try to get that third place, and I am very happy that in the end I got it. At the beginning, when Nigel was in the race, I was charging very hard – in fact I was able to overtake Thierry at the end of the straight, but just two corners after I started to spin and I was very lucky to recover the car. Then I was pushing very hard because Nigel was in front of me, and I did another two spins again. Then Nigel crashed, and from that moment my race was just a case of controlling everything. Of course I had a big gap to Nakajima, and in fact I was just playing with him a little bit. Also I had a small problem with the steering wheel: it was a little bit loose at the end of the race, and the reaction of the steering wheel was not fantastic…“

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