The Rothmans Trophy was created by Tullio Abbate who invited Gilles Villeneuve, Didier Pironi, Riccardo Patrese, Bruno Giacomelli, Beppi Gabbiani, Jean-Pierre Jarier, Marc Surer and Eddie Cheever to take part in a powerboat race on Lake Como before the 1981 Italian GP. Team Tullio Abbate provided boats for each driver and the Grand Hotel Villa Dโ€™este was the base for the event. This video tells the story of the event with driver interviews and race action!

"It was a marvellous occasion. You could feel the real mood of a Grand Prix in the air. Gilles raced with the same enthusiasm and dedication we enjoyed from Formula 1. He won and it created a fantastic atmosphere. There were  thousands of spectators around the circuit on the shore and in boats and I am sure they still talk about this Rothmans Trophy race even today!"

Tullio Abbate