Riccardo scored his sixth and final Grand Prix victory on the 25 1992 Japanese GP

Riccardo Patrese, unlike some of his colleagues, is not a man ever to sing his own praises, but after this race he rightly said he felt he was due a victory.  ‘Now that I know a few things that happened in this race, I have to thank Nigel for helping me to win.  In the Williams-Renault team, we have all worked very hard this year.  Of course, he is World Champion, and he has been the strongest driver of the season, but all season long I have been thinking about winning a race.  And I think, at least for the amount of work I have done for the team, to help it succeed, I think I deserve it."

Everyone in the place went along with that.  While not a memorable day, in terms of racing, it was good to see a fine man rewarded at last.