Following two desultory seasons with the Benetton Euroracing-Alfa team -

"...they were the two years I enjoyed least in Formula 1. That was the only time I thought about giving it up. But, anyway, I went through that, and I was able to get out of that difficult situation. Bernie wanted me back at Brabham and I have to thank him for that, because otherwise I could have had trouble to find a place after two such disastrous years."

- Riccardo returned to Brabham for 1986 and our latest addition to the gallery sees Riccardo testing the 1985 BT54 and with new team-mate Elio de Angelis and the radical new Gordon Murray designed Brabham BT55 -

It wasn’t comfortable, lying down with 1300bhp in your neck. I don’t know how we qualified sixth in Monaco!