Italian Tramer

is presenting

“On the Street”

Opening Reception Friday, January 23rd 2015 at 7pm

8248 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90048

a show curated by MADDALENA PATRESE


Photographs from the series “Cars” and Video by STEFANO GALLI

Photographs and Mixed Media by MARCO NASSO



Stefano, Italian born 1981, earned a BA in cinematography from the university of Turin. After graduating, he lived in Copenhagen where he worked with director Lars Von Trier at Zentropa Entertainments and attended Fatamorgana, the Danish School of Art Photography. Gradually, Galli's works moved from motion pictures to still images, shooting editorials and commercials ever since.

The photographs that belong to the series “Cars” are shot on 35mm, medium format film, and illustrate Galli's journey since his arrival in the USA, an ongoing research of America and his “dream”...

“It's an urge and necessity to photograph what I experience and what surrounds me. It doesn't matter who I'm with, what matters are the encounters, landscapes and details I have to relate to in my everyday life.

The work is driven by my own life and my strong belief in the truth of what my eyes witness daily.”


Taking to the streets and getting an insight from what it truly means to be American, Marco Nasso photographs visuals of a failed American Dream. The fear of many including him, to end an entire life’s worth of hard work on the streets of Los Angeles. His artworks want to express contradictions: the beauties in life and the hardships in the back of our heads pushing us to keep forward to better aspects of life. Taking a glimpse upon Marco’s artwork there will be piercing political contradictions amongst us today too.

From the American Dream to the American Nightmare Marco Nasso, born in Turin, Italy, brings an eye to the true insight of what it means to be an American in the United States.

Starting at a young age and in the prime essence of the Polaroid camera, Marco realized his true passion for photography. He completed his studies in Italy at Istituto Europeo di Design which then proceeded to him moving to America in 2011.

ITALIAN TRAMER ART LOUNGE is a new project based in Los Angeles conceived by the Italian photographer Maddalena Patrese. Through landscape photography, she aims to portray and trace the artistic expression of traveling and dreaming, hence the word “Tramer”.

Italian Tramer Art Lounge will host a comprehensive array of Italian contemporary artists, who are also deeply tied to the concept of traveling and dreaming. It builds on the great Italian historical culture and want to represent Italian excellence and the ability Italians have to evoke passion through the quality of their product.

This new concept offers a benchmark for artists and art aficionados: a intimate lounge surrounded by black walls, dim lights and music where to get together, talk and share ideas, promoting and celebrating any kind of artistic mediums: photography, painting, sculpture, interior design, music, cinema, literature, fashion, cuisine.

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