Riccardo once said the following in answer to a question about the 'Senna' film in our occasional 'Ask Riccardo' feature on the website:

"There were some moments shown in the film when politics played a big part in Ayrton’s career but I think at the end he said that the purest form of racing was when he was karting where there was no politics. The strongest driver he said he raced anywhere, including F1, was Terry Fullerton and I knew Terry very well. I raced against him for many years. He was world karting champion in 1973 and I beat him, and Francois Goldstein at Estoril in 1974 to win the championship. Goldstein was another important driver in karting in those years. I agree with Ayrton that karting in those days was pure racing, no politics just pure racing, and Terry Fullerton was one of the strongest drivers. When Ayrton said that Terry was the strongest driver he raced against that made me proud because I raced against him and beat him. Ayrton was right that Terry was a fantastic driver."

Jesolo 1974.png

Now, thanks to www.kartingmagazine.com, we are delighted to include this photo of Terry Fullerton leading Riccardo at the Jesolo circuit in 1974 on the website.