1979 British GP

The Riccardo Patrese Website, created in 1999, was the first site to pay tribute to the Italian driver who then held the record for the most Grand Prix starts in F1 history. Since then it has grown enormously, thanks to the contributions of many people, and is now the official Riccardo Patrese website run with the support of, and contributions from, Riccardo and his family.

This site had its’ origins in 1991 with my thought of writing a biography. I am not a journalist, nor had I ever attempted to write seriously before but I was fortunate to know someone who knew someone and managed to get interviews with both Riccardo and Alan Rees, both of which are reproduced here. It was not difficult to do research as I retain my boyish enthusiasm for motorsport, and so ‘having’ to buy the 1977 edition of Autocourse, among many other publications, to assist my ‘work’ was no great hardship. However, and despite contact with a publisher, it seemed unlikely that my book would progress with any great speed and time soon passed…

1999 - The first Riccardo Patrese website

The internet provided the opportunity to update my original idea and create an ‘e-biography’ which did not then exist. I was able to combine two interests while remaining true to my original objective.

Maybe the book will be written, maybe not, but the fact remains that Riccardo Patrese has a place in Formula One record books and, I hope, a fitting tribute on the world wide web.

Any errors you see here are mine and mine alone – but please let me know if you find them!! Every effort has been made to contact the owners of material reproduced on this site but if you wish to discuss the use of any such material, the site itself, or would like to contribute to the site please contact me.

Michael Day

Special thanks to:

Riccardo Patrese

“I want to thank you for the work on the website you have created of my racing career. I think it is very appropriate and beautiful.”

Simone Patrese

“The site is definitely the most complete source on my father’s career.”

Maddalena Patrese

Francesca Accordi

Joanna Cardwell-Fox

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