In September 2008 the Honda F1 team invited Riccardo Patrese to drive the Honda RA107 at the Jerez Circuit in Spain

Having driven the car Riccardo said: After 15 years out of Formula One, it was a dream come true and unbelievable to rediscover the speed of a Formula One car again today. I was able to get accustomed pretty quickly and found that my driving style did not need to change too much to adapt to a modern car. The speed was a bit of a surprise on the first couple of laps but at the end I felt very comfortable, although I'm sure my neck will ache a bit tonight after the G forces. The whole experience has been an absolute pleasure and I would like to thank the Honda Racing F1 Team for giving me this feeling back and allowing me the opportunity to drive a really fast car again! It's good to know that at my age, I can still drive quickly and push the limits. I just wish I could have had more time in the car to improve my lap time. Hopefully they'll give me another chance sometime! 

Nick Fry, Chief Executive Officer of the Honda Racing F1 Team commented: We are delighted to have been able to arrange this opportunity for Riccardo to drive the RA107. Riccardo adapted very well to the car today and there was plenty for him to get to grips with as Formula One has advanced so rapidly since his final race in 1993. Left foot braking, grooved tyres and a steering-wheel mounted clutch paddle were all new for Riccardo today, and his fastest lap time was very respectable considering that he was using demonstration tyres and a 2007 car. The team thoroughly enjoyed working with Riccardo today and we are delighted to have made his dream of returning to Formula One for a day come true!

Honda Press Release
8 September 2008